How Do You Know Which Version of TurboTax You Need?

How do you choose the right version of TurboTax when there are so many (we count at least 14 different versions!?)

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How to Install TurboTax 2015 for Windows | Compare Versions, Features, Prices

Watch and learn how to install TurboTax 2015. If you don’t know which version you should get, check out the feature comparison chart.

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When Should You Upgrade Quicken?

Time to upgrade Quicken

There are two main reasons why you should upgrade Quicken. If your current version is older than 3 years or if you’re running a newly released operating system. Find out more about when and why you should upgrade Quicken.

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Quicken 2016 R3 Windows Update Patch Released

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Quicken 2016 + TurboTax 2015 Bundle Deals

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How to Update Quicken 2016 to Release R2

Quicken 2016, which was recently released, already has an update. Find out how to quickly update Quicken 2016 to Release R2 and save your data file.

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TurboTax Desktop or TurboTax Online?

What’s the difference between TurboTax Desktop and TurboTax Online? Which one should you choose? You can use TurboTax 2015 both ways, so which is best?

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Quicken 2016 New Features – Really Intuit?

Quicken 2016 new features are a little sparse. Is Intuit joking? They list phone support as a new feature? Hopefully there are at least some bug fixes.

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Quicken 2016 and TurboTax 2015 Have Been Released!

So Quicken 2016 has now been released, along with TurboTax 2015. Get ready to do your taxes.

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