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Intuit is the maker of some of the most popular personal and small business finance software programs. These programs include the personal financial management software Quicken, the business accounting software QuickBooks, and the tax preparation software TurboTax.

Quicken is a cash accounting program used to keep track of personal checking accounts, credit card accounts, savings, and investment accounts. Quicken can also track loans, mortgages, and other debts, along with assets such as property. It also provides tools for setting up and tracking a budget, balancing and reconciling a checking account, and viewing your overall financial situation. Some versions of Quicken include tools for tracking business expenses for a small home-based business. The Rental Property Manager version has specialized tools and reports for people who manage rental properties. It can track rental property documents, rent payments, deposits, and expenses for each property. You can compare all the versions of Quicken at

QuickBooks is a business accounting program that utilizes the widely used double-entry bookkeeping system.  Although some people use it to track their personal finances, it is mainly used to track business finances. As with any double entry accounting system, QuickBooks provides tools for journal entries, asset and liability accounts, and can produce all the standard accounting reports. These reports include balance sheets, cash flow statements, profit/loss statements, and other accounting forms. Some versions of QuickBooks include industry-specific tools for contractors, retailers, manufacturers, non-profits, professionals, and other specialized industries. Compare the versions of QuickBooks on this page.

TurboTax is the most widely used an popular software to prepare your own tax return. It provides a step-by-step guide to walk users through all the possible income, expenses, deductions, and credits for their situation. TurboTax then fills in the appropriate IRS tax forms and can electronically submit a completed federal tax return. TurboTax also prepares and files state tax returns for a small additional fee. There are several versions of the TurboTax software, each with features tailored to specific situations. Check out our TurboTax comparison guide to help you figure out which version is best for your situation.

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