Microsoft - Office Suites for Home, School, & Business

Microsoft is a widely known company creating some of the most popular software in existence today. Their operating system, Windows, dominates the business and home world. Microsoft also creates the most widely used office suite in the world. Microsoft Office includes all the tools needed to create and use documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, email, and more.

All the versions of Microsoft Office come with the four most common programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Word is used to create, edit, and read documents. Excel is used for creating and using spreadsheets. PowerPoint can be used to create professional presentations and slideshows. OneNote is an excellent tool for organizing and creating notes. 

Some versions of the Office Suite come with Microsoft Outlook, which can be used to send and receive email, keep track of contacts, and manage appointments. Other popular tools included in some versions of Office include Access and Publisher.

The Microsoft Office Suite comes in several versions at different price points. There is a version for use at home, one for students and academics, and one for business or professional use. We've created a comparison chart here to help you figure out which version is best for you, as well as decide the best place to buy it. This chart includes a comparison of the features available with Office and the prices at several online merchants. 

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