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Quicken Requirements:

  • Quicken 2017 is fully compatible with Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Quicken 2017 for Mac requires Mac OS X v10.10 or later (Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra)

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Quicken 2017 Starter
Quicken 2017 Deluxe
Quicken 2017 for Mac
Quicken 2017 Premier
Quicken 2017 Home & Business
Quicken 2017 Rental Property Manager
 Quicken StarterQuicken DeluxeQuicken for MacQuicken PremierQuicken Home & BusinessQuicken Rental Property Manager
List Price $39.99 $74.99 $74.99 $109.99 $119.99 $164.99
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Quicken.com $39.99 $74.99 $74.99 $109.99 $119.99 $164.90
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➤ New Features for 2017
More powerful Mobile App with offline use
Integration with Zillow for up-to-date home market value      
Better automatic categorization & transaction downloading
New and improved look and design to make using Quicken easier
➤ New Features from 2016
Link Bills with Quicken for auto tracking and reminders
Free phone support for help with installation, upgrades, questions, and more
➤ Simplify and Organize Your Money
See Bank and Credit Card Accounts in one place
Download transactions from your bank
Automatically categorize expenses
Free credit monitoring alerts and credit score
Syncs with Quicken App on Android and iPhone
➤ Manage Savings, Debt, & Investments  
Create Savings Goals  
Create a debt-reduction plan  
Track loan, investment, and retirement accounts  
➤ Manage Investments & Plan for Taxes      
Portfolio X-Ray scans investments to identify strengths & weaknesses      
Track investment return and cost basis      
Track deductions and create tax reports (Schedule A,B,D)      
➤ Track Business Expenses        
Track both personal and business expenses        
Show business profit & loss        
Create Schedule C for tax time        
Create polished invoices and estimates        
➤ Manage Rental Properties          
Organize rental property information in one place          
Track income and expenses by property          
Create Schedule E for tax time          
Maximize tax deductions on rental property expenses          
Import data from previous versions of Quicken or Microsoft Money

* Some merchants are not offering Quicken 2017 yet.

What's New for 2017:

  • Better Mobile App now includes investment tracking and offline use
  • Clean new look for easier navigation and use
  • Keep track of your home's value with automatic market value updates from Zillow
  • Custom reports and Bill Payment have been added to Quicken for Mac
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