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Changes Coming to Quicken Fall 2017

There may be some exciting new updates coming in the next version of Quicken.

Quicken CEO Eric Dunn just released a new video to tell us about it. In his August 3 statement, Mr. Dunn talked about some of the new changes that will be coming to Quicken this fall.

You can watch the full video here, or scroll down for a summary of what he said.

New Changes To Quicken Over The Last Year

Since Quicken became a separate company 18 months ago, several additions and improvements have been added, making the current Quicken 2017 the best Quicken version ever released. Some of the big changes that have already happened include:

  • Investment tracking capability added to the mobile app – You can now keep track of investments from your Android or iPhone
  • Better customer support – Quicken has hired a host of new support personnel to help make their customer support service more responsive
  • New screen sharing feature – Customer support agents can better help resolve problems since they’ll be able to see a sanitized version of your Quicken window

Mr. Dunn acknowledged that Quicken isn’t perfect yet, and the new Quicken team is working hard to continue making improvements to the product. More improvements and additions will be coming this fall.

New Quicken ID

The biggest change impacting current Quicken users is the new Quicken ID which will be coming out in August and September. This is a new secure authentication system that you will use to access all your Quicken applications. It is similar to the current Intuit ID. Since Quicken is now a separate company from Intuit, this change will finalize the move away from Intuit’s systems. The new Quicken ID will protect all your data and online services.

Be on the lookout for emails and notifications in the Quicken program itself about how and when your Intuit ID will migrate to the Quicken ID. You’ll need to follow the steps provided to make sure you have a smooth transition and can create your Quicken ID and password.

Other New Features Coming This Fall

There will be several new features coming with the Quicken 2018 release expected later this fall. Mr. Dunn did not want to spoil the product launch by giving away all the new additions and changes, but he did list a few nuggets of what’s coming, including:

  • Direct export to Excel – You’ll now be able to export Quicken data and reports directly to Excel instead of having to use the older CSV format.
  • Improvements and extensions to the online bill center
  • Major improvements to the investment tracking capability in Quicken for Mac


Quicken users can expect to see continued improvements to Quicken, along with features the users have been asking for over the last several years. Since Quicken became a separate company, the focus has been on improving customer support, improving the Quicken product, and making the Mobile App and Mac versions better.

Be on the lookout for new changes this fall. Make sure to watch for any emails about the new Quicken ID that will be replacing your current Intuit ID. This is a big change to the way you log in to Quicken products, so make sure to follow the steps when they come out.

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Nate Phillips has been using Quicken and TurboTax for almost 20 years. He has spent part of that time as a Quicken beta tester, helping identify bugs and annoyances with Quicken updates before they are released. Nate holds a master's degree in Computer Science and has numerous technology certifications.

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  • I just recently became aware of the new Quicken 2018. I received a CD from Quicken and that alerted me to the fact that I needed to research just exactly what is happening. Your website has been very informative. Now for my question: I have Quicken Deluxe 2017 for Windows. I use it strictly for my checking account; downloading activity and paying bills. It appears from what I have read, I do not need to be concerned about changing what I have until 2020. Is that correct? Any information you can give me is appreciated.

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