How to use Quicken on a Mac


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If you want to use Intuit’s popular Quicken personal financial management software on your Mac, which runs Apple OS X, you have three options, depending on what you plan to do with Quicken.

Option 1

[fsbProduct asin=’B00M76N6MO’ size=’200′ align=’right’] If you just need to track personal spending and income, Quicken for Mac will work just fine. First released in 2015, this version of Quicken is very similar to the Windows version of Quicken Deluxe.

Option 2

[fsbProduct asin=’B00M9GTL6M’ size=’200′ align=’right’] If you need to track investment accounts and monitor your credit score, you’ll need to use a Windows PC version of Quicken, such as Quicken Premier. Although Quicken Premier only runs on Windows, you can still use it on a Mac. You’ll have to run either Bootcamp or Parallels, which will allow you to run Windows programs on OS X.

Option 3

[fsbProduct asin=’B00M9GTEPA’ size=’200′ align=’right’] [fsbProduct asin=’B01326JD7O’ size=’200′ align=’right’] If you need to track business expenses, you should look at either Quicken Home & Business (and use Bootcamp or Parallels) or QuickBooks for Mac. Another option is to use QuickBooks Online. This version is cloud-based and will run on any device you choose to use as long as you have Internet access.

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