QuickBooks Online – Should I Make the Switch?


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Intuit is following today’s trend of cloud computing and is starting to focus more on their online versions of QuickBooks. While the desktop versions of QuickBooks are still available, many businesses are starting to prefer the online cloud versions.

One major advantage of switching to an online version of QuickBooks you can access and update your QuickBooks data from anywhere, using any device, including Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. You can access the same data at work, at home, or on the road. As long as you have an Internet connection, your data is available.

A second advantage of using QuickBooks online is you no longer need to worry about backups. Intuit handles backing up your data and making sure it is always available for you to access.

The third major advantage of using QuickBooks online is you no longer need to worry about updating every few years. You’ll automatically get the latest updates, so you’ll always be on the latest and best version of QuickBooks.

Online versions of QuickBooks follow a subscription model. Instead of paying a large one-time fee for the software, you pay in smaller monthly or yearly increments.

Where should you buy QuickBooks? You can get a subscription for QuickBooks Online right from Intuit. Another (and less expensive) option is to purchase an annual subscription package from an online reseller.

Where you buy it doesn’t really matter (except for price). You’ll get the same product, but if you get it from a reseller, you’ll typically get a much better price. Even if you purchase from a reseller, you still get the same support from Intuit, so why not get it from a reseller and save some money.

To see a current price comparison, check out our comparison chart at https://www.topfinancialtools.com/quickbooks-comparison-chart-fullpage/.

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