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Fix for Slow or Freezing Quicken 2017 for Windows

Is your version of Quicken running slowly? Does it freeze or hang every time you try to use it? Does Quicken act sluggish when you add new transactions?

Read below for tips and fixes on how to get Quicken running at top speed.

Fix 1: Quicken 2017 for Windows slowness and freezing

Some Quicken 2017 for Windows users have been reporting slowness or freezing when opening or using Quicken. If you have been experiencing this, please continue reading below for a possible solution. This only applies to Quicken for Windows, so if you’re using Quicken for Mac, you can safely ignore this fix.

The Quicken team is working on a permanent solution to this problem, but here is a temporary fix that may help solve the problem for you.

1. Open Quicken
2. Go to Edit -> Preferences
3. Click on “Startup” in the list on the left side
4. Underneath “Startup Location”, if it says “Tips & Tutorials”, change it to anything other than “Tips & Tutorials”.
5. Close and reopen Quicken

The slowness and freezing should no longer occur.

Quicken 2017 slow freezing
Quicken 2017 Windows Bug Fix Freezing Slow

If you are unable to update your Quicken Preferences due to the slowness of the program:

1. Quit Quicken
2. Disconnect from the Internet.
3. Re-open Quicken, and you should be able to follow the steps above.
4. Reconnect to the Internet.

This problem is occurring because of a bug on the Tips & Tutorials tab. Some users Quicken preferences are set so the Tips & Tutorials tab is the startup page, which is causing Quicken to run slowly or freeze. The temporary workaround listed above should help solve the slow Quicken problem for these users.

Quicken Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to Quicken, these are my recommendations:

1. For a desktop-based program (Windows or Mac), try Moneyspire. Read my review on it here.

2. If you want to try a cloud-based alternative to Quicken, try Personal Capital. It’s completely free.

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Nate Phillips has been using Quicken and TurboTax for almost 20 years. He has spent part of that time as a Quicken beta tester, helping identify bugs and annoyances with Quicken updates before they are released. Nate holds a master's degree in Computer Science and has numerous technology certifications.

15 thoughts on “Fix for Slow or Freezing Quicken 2017 for Windows

  • Thanks for tip. Unfortunately, my setting was already on ‘home’ and not ‘tips and tutorials’. So therefore, this “new and improved” version of quicken that I was forced to purchase (since I was previously using 2014) is unbearably slow, particularly whenever downloading transactions. This is such a mess and would have been so much better and less of a problem if we could have just continued using the version that was already working.

  • Quicken 2017 startup is intermittently very slow for me too. I do not have my startup location set to Tips and Tutorials.

  • And if you notice, I have 32 GB of memory, and even after Windows have eaten away all its caching and other memory for background apps, I still start quicken with 20+ GB of FREE memory.

  • I have had the same slowness when reconciling or downloading from bank websites. The 2016 version was better.

  • Same boat as the other guys. Quicken has been slow, balky and “freeze” for years and seems to get worse every time they improve it. I am looking for a viable alternative.

    • You can check out my review of Moneyspire here. It’s one of the best Quicken alternatives I’ve seen.

      Another thing you can do to help speed up Quicken is make a year-end copy every year and archive previous years’ data. This will help keep your Quicken file from getting too big, which can slow Quicken down considerably. The downside to this approach is you no longer have access to older transactions and reports including those transactions. I typically keep the previous two years of transactions in my current Quicken file, so I can still run reports including data from the previous two years, but my Quicken file doesn’t get so large.

  • I gave MoneySpire a shot. The import from Quicken left me with wildly wrong balances in all accounts. Too hard to reconcile.

    If I were starting out new, I’d pick something other than Quicken. But I have yet to find something to replace Quicken that maintains all my historical data. 🙁

    • When you import your accounts, depending on how much historical data you have, you may need to reconcile each account with the current balance. Moneyspire can only work with the information it’s given and that information you imported from Quicken may not include the opening account balances. The most important thing is that all the transactions are there. Then simply editing each account to provide an opening balance or reconciling each account with the current balance should resolve any discrepancies.

      • Thanks for the thought. All my accounts have appropriate starting balances in Quicken. I’ve looked through the discrepancies with Moneyspire, and they are far too numerous (and increase with time) to attempt fixing.

        My guess is that Moneyspire is simply overwhelmed by my 25 years of Quicken data.

  • One thing I just read on another forum which actually solved my issue is this:
    I was having an issue with slowness in one particular account. The rest were all fine. Even accounts with FAR more transactions were fine.

    The issue had to do with whether I was displaying registry info on a single line or on two lines. In the slow account, I had it set (somehow) to display on only one line. A quick “Ctrl 2” toggles between the one line / two line display option. And, it immediately solved the issue. I switched it back and forth a couple of times, restarted quicken, etc. to verify that the solution held, and it did. Hope this helps someone else!

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