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The newest version of Quicken was released on November 13, 2015. Rather than adding some serious new functionality, Intuit decided to stick with only a few new features. Instead of adding new features, they instead focused on improvements, bug fixes, and expanded Quicken for Mac functionality.

Quicken 2016 New Features – Drum Roll Please…

According to Quicken’s “What’s New In Quicken 2016” page, the biggest new features to this version are:

  • A new bill tracking feature
  • Free unlimited phone support
  • Easier to upgrade

That’s it.

Really, that’s all Intuit decided to add to Quicken 2016 this year? And free phone support isn’t really a new feature, it’s just a boost in the level of support Intuit will provide users — this really should have been included in the past anyway.

Didn’t Quicken already include a bill tracking feature? They’re saying this is a new feature, but I don’t buy it. I could already add my bills to Quicken and get reminders of due dates and amounts due. The real change to this feature is Quicken will now sync your bills and pull down the amounts due. Is this really all that great? Eh. I’m not too impressed.

And “easier to upgrade”? Well, apparently you can now import Quicken data files from as old as Quicken 2010. Thank you Intuit. We really appreciate it.


So what improvements did Intuit add? Supposedly downloading and syncing bank transactions is now more reliable. Users should notice there are fewer errors and duplicate transactions. That’s nice.

Syncing with mobile devices should also work better. That’s ok for those who want to see their Quicken data on their phone.

Another nice improvement is all versions of Quicken now come with free credit monitoring and alerts, along with free credit scores. This is a really nice feature included with Quicken. Previously, only Quicken Premier and above had this, but now all versions will include it.

One of the biggest improvements to this new version of Quicken is full support for Windows 10. Quicken 2015 users noticed a lot of problems after they upgraded to Windows 10. Those kinks should all be worked out now. And Mac users can expect full support for Mac OS X El Capitan.

Version Comparison

This version comparison chart is helpful for determining which version of Quicken 2016 you should get. Click on it to see the full version.
Quicken 2016 New Features

Why Upgrade?

Is there any reason to upgrade to this newest version of Quicken? Well, if you’re using Quicken 2013 or older and want to retain the ability to download bank transactions, you have to upgrade because that functionality expires after 3 years. The other big reason to upgrade is for the Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan support. If you’re using one of those operating systems, you’ll probably want to use Quicken 2016 to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

If you decide to upgrade to Quicken 2016 and already know which version you need, you can find the latest prices here.

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