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Deal of the Week

Save an extra $20 on a Quicken 2016 + TurboTax 2015 Bundle. That’s an extra $20 off the already discounted sale prices.

TurboTax 2015 Bundle with Quicken 2016

We’ve been waiting for this great deal to come out and it’s finally here. Amazon offers this discount off sale prices if you buy Quicken 2016 and TurboTax 2015 together in a bundle.

This annual bundle deal that typically comes out around the holidays. We aren’t sure how long it will last, but probably not for the whole tax season. If you don’t have your copies of Quicken 2016 and TurboTax 2015, we recommend jumping on this right away.

How to Get the Bundle Discount

Here’s how to get the special discount:

  1. Visit the Quicken + TurboTax bundle page at Amazon
  2. Choose the bundle you need
  3. Click the bundle and you’ll be taken to a product page
  4. Add the bundle to your cart
  5. When you’re done shopping, go to your cart and click “Proceed to Checkout”
  6. TurboTax 2015 Quicken 2016 Bundle - Checkout Button

  7. After clicking “Proceed to Checkout”, an extra $20 will be taken off your total
  8. TurboTax 2015 Quicken 2016 Bundle - Checkout

What a great deal! (Those of us who bought both products early are kicking ourselves now…oh well).

Note: You won’t see the $20 discount until after you add the bundle to your cart and click the “checkout” button. So the prices you see on the bundle page are not the final prices…you’ll still save $20 more when you check out.

Bundle Details

This works with every combination of TurboTax Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, and Business editions with every edition of Quicken from Deluxe on up.

Each bundle comes as a set of physical discs that will be shipped to you with free shipping. Each edition of TurboTax installs on a PC or Mac. Federal tax return preparation and federal e-file is included, along with one free state tax return preparation.

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