The New Quicken 2017 Was Released Last Week

What's New in Quicken 2017

The newest version of Quicken was released two weeks ago. This is the first Quicken release since H.I.G. Capital took over and users are already reporting a much improved product over last year’s version.

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When Should You Upgrade Quicken?

Time to upgrade Quicken

There are two main reasons why you should upgrade Quicken. If your current version is older than 3 years or if you’re running a newly released operating system. Find out more about when and why you should upgrade Quicken.

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How to Update Quicken 2016 to Release R2

Quicken 2016, which was recently released, already has an update. Find out how to quickly update Quicken 2016 to Release R2 and save your data file.

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Microsoft Office – Which version should you get?


If you are purchasing or upgrading your Microsoft Office suite, you may have noticed there are quite a few different versions to choose from. How do you know which one to get? Which one offers the best value for your hard-earned money? Once you’ve decided on a version, where should you buy it to get […]

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Quicken 2016 Release Date

Quicken 2016 is coming this month! According to official sources, you can expect to see Quicken 2016 arrive in time for the holidays. The announcement by Intuit says it will be released sometime during November, so keep a lookout! If you would like to be informed by email when Quicken 2016 finally arrive, join our […]

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QuickBooks Online – Should I Make the Switch?

Intuit is following today’s trend of cloud computing and is starting to focus more on their online versions of QuickBooks. While the desktop versions of QuickBooks are still available, many businesses are starting to prefer the online cloud versions. One major advantage of switching to an online version of QuickBooks you can access and update […]

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Quicken 2016 – Is It Worth Upgrading?

Quicken users know it can be a love/hate relationship. As one of the oldest commercial software products around (the first release was for MS-DOS in 1983!), Quicken has been a mainstay of personal finance for generations. It has developed a reputation as the most robust product for keeping track of personal finances. Since Microsoft Money […]

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