Quicken 2016 Video Review

I just posted a new video review of Quicken 2016. This review goes over the new features of Quicken 2016 and my thoughts on this new version.

Is Quicken 2016 Compatible With Windows 10?

windows 10 and quicken

Quicken 2016 Compatibility with Windows 10 It’s become a common theme between software vendors and operating system makers. Whenever a new major version of an operating system comes out, there are bound to be some compatibility problems with at least some of the software people use. Luckily for Quicken users, Windows 10 was released several […]

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How to use Quicken on a Mac

If you want to use Intuit’s popular Quicken personal financial management software on your Mac, which runs Apple OS X, you have three options, depending on what you plan to do with Quicken. Option 1 [fsbProduct asin=’B00M76N6MO’ size=’200′ align=’right’] If you just need to track personal spending and income, Quicken for Mac will work just […]

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Quicken 2016 Release Date

Quicken 2016 is coming this month! According to official sources, you can expect to see Quicken 2016 arrive in time for the holidays. The announcement by Intuit says it will be released sometime during November, so keep a lookout! If you would like to be informed by email when Quicken 2016 finally arrive, join our […]

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Quicken 2016 – Is It Worth Upgrading?

Quicken users know it can be a love/hate relationship. As one of the oldest commercial software products around (the first release was for MS-DOS in 1983!), Quicken has been a mainstay of personal finance for generations. It has developed a reputation as the most robust product for keeping track of personal finances. Since Microsoft Money […]

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